Wednesday, July 05, 2006

BBC News: Italy Arrests own Intelligence Officers over the 'CIA Kidnap'

See article here.

This is really amazing. I'm not aware of any other case where individual CIA agents have been pursued by another western industrialized nation's (an ally's) legal system for breaking local laws like we have in Italy right now.

The Italian prosecutor's pursuit of the criminal abduction of an Egyptian national on Italian soil (euphemized in the U.S. media as 'rendition') by CIA agents with help from Italian intelligence officials poses a real threat to the quiet complicity between many national governments around the world and the CIA to operate above the law and in secret.

The unaccountable international network of secret government intelligence officials should be all but eliminated. It has proven to be close to nothing but a secret arm of an already highly unaccountable and undemocratic system of governance both in the United States and in most other nations as well.

I call for a severe re-write of the federal National Security Act of 1947 to increase the public’s oversight of the CIA and all federal intelligence agencies. The right of the American people to use the Freedom of Information Act should be strengthened to allow the public to review more of what the CIA does. Also, the CIA and the federal government in general should be outlawed from having the CIA raise its own funds outside of the already classified annual budget given it by U.S. taxpayers.


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