Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Palast has Evidence of Current Republican Party Illegal Voter Roll Expunging

You have to watch today's Democracy Now! here. Read the Segment here. The segment with author Greg Palast has Palast explaining how he got a hold of lists of thousands of registered voters being emailed between top Republican operatives for the purpose of organizing challenges to their validity either on or before voting day in November. Most of the names were African Americans and Jews two demographics that are demonstrated high Democratic Party voters.

This information, if true - and the BBC, Palast's employer, has looked at Palast's evidence and accepted it - is so shocking that it is truely hard to believe. Please watch or read this information and ask the questions for yourself: are top Republican Party operatives actually capable of such actions.

Palast's new book, Arm the MadHouse, apparently has information on this evidence as well.

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